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Action Properties

The Action Properties dialog appears when ever you double-click one-or-more actions in the Actions window. The information in this dialog is exactly the same as you would see in Domino Designer for the first 3 tabs, but the last tab offers information on the action type.

Action Types

System command
(Cannot be modified)

Simple action
(Cannot be modified)




Web JavaScript


Code entered in the type tab for LotusScript and JavaScript will not be verified or compiled.

Multiple selection

When multiple actions are being edited, the property window will be titled # Action where # is the number of actions being edited. Only properties common to all the actions being edited will be displayed.


When multiple actions are being edited, the properties with different values will be flagged as [ No - Change ] or [ NC ] as default and will not be changed if you leave them untouched.

Shared actions

The property window will be titled Shared Action whenever the action you are editing is shared. See Shared Actions for more details.


If Auto-apply is checked, changes will be saved (without notification) each time you select a different action. When it is unchecked, you will get a message prompting you to apply or cancel your changes before you switch actions.

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