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Submenus/Sub actions

Ytria ActionBarEZ lets you decide how you'd like to see Lotus Notes Submenus. Just go to Options>Submenu Mode and you'll have a choice between three options:

  1. Default: This will display submenus in the same manner as the version of Domino Designer used to create the database.
  2. R5 Submenu: This will show R5-style submenus.
  3. R6 Submenu: This will display R6-style submenus.

R5-style Submenus

The image below shows the way actionBarEZ displays R5-style submenus. In this example the main action is Folder and the two sub actions are Remove selected documents and Change Folder Design:

R6-style Submenus

The image below shows the way actionBarEZ displays R6-style submenus:


The way Lotus Notes and Domino R6-and-up deals with submenus can sometimes be a bit confusing. Consider this scenario:

You have a submenu with Action1 (Web-only / action bar-only); Action2 (Notes-only / both menu and action bar) and Action3 (Web and Notes / menu bar-only). The submenu on the action bar in Notes will only display Action2, and use it as reference for its own display and graphics settings.

However, Domino Designer will show you the Action1 settings, even though it is contextually sensitive and really depends on the first available action. For this reason, actionBarEZ does not display or graphic settings when you double-click the submenu itself.

1. Note below how in Domino Designer (R6-and-up) the Action Properties window would have you believe the submenu will have no icon:

2. But here in actionBarEZ you're told that graphic settings will be taken from the first available action that Notes finds:

3. In Lotus Notes, notice how the Action Properties dialog settings for the submenu were ignored and how it in fact just used the first available action's settings (which were set to display the '2' icon):

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