Here are the many operations you can perform in actionBarEZ with your mouse and keyboard.

Click an action (or shared action)

Selects the action

Note : clicking an action a second time does not deselect it.
To deselect an action, you need to click somewhere outside of it or Ctrl + Click on it.

Click a column header

Selects all actions of the design element

Double-click on an action

Opens the properties dialog box for the selected action (or shared action)

Shift + Ctrl on contiguous actions

Selection of a full range of actions from the first selection to the action you clicked

Ctrl + Click on non contiguous actions

Selection of non contiguous actions

Note : You cannot move or copy several actions if they belong to different design elements

Ctrl + A

Selects all cells in the the table.

Drag and Drop

Moves the selected action

If you drag a shared action to a different design element, a new action will be created from the shared action

If you drag an action and drop it in the shared actions column, it will create a new shared action from the selected action and link this action to the newly-created shared action
Note : This only works in the View by Position in Action Bar tab.

Shift + drag and drop

Copy the selected actions.
Note : This only works in the View by Position in Action Bar tab.


Opens the contextual menu

Ctrl + drag to resize view columns

This lets you resize all columns at the same time in either tab in the actionBarEZ's Actions window.


You can drag & drop or copy / paste between different open actionBarEZ sessions.