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Applications: Edit Application

Tag: SelectedEditApplication

SelectedEditApplication edits selected applications in Registered Applications module.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttributes ValueValue Description
KeepAliveTrue / FalseDefaults to True

Set Param

  • description
  • displayName
  • info.TermsOfServiceUrl
  • info.SupportUrl
  • iinfo.PrivacyStatementUrl
  • info.MarketingUrl
  • info.LogoUrl

Example Script

		<SetParam Field="info.TermsOfServiceUrl" Value=""/>
		<SetParam Field="info.SupportUrl" Value=""/>
		<SetParam Field="info.PrivacyStatementUrl" Value=""/>
		<SetParam Field="info.MarketingUrl" Value=""/>
		<SetParam Field="info.LogoUrl" Value=""/>
		<SetParam Field="description" Value="3142"/>
		<SetParam Field="displayName" Value="sapio365 RBAC Ultra Admin 3142"/>
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