Tag: List

The action List lets you add actions to a specified list whose entries will be iterated over using Loop action.

<List name="MyList" Action="Load" Database="Mailtest.nsf" Server="ACME01/ACME"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue DescriptionComment
NameUser definable stringThe ID of the listMandatory – This ID is the only link to the list when calling it from a Loop.
ActionDesired action nameAction to be performedMandatory

Tag: Loop

The action Loop will repeat a given block of actions over the individual lines in the specified List.

<loop list="MyList">
	<If index="last">
		<echo value="LOOP LAST"/>
	<If index="first">
		<echo value="LOOP FIRST"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue DescriptionComment
ListUser definableThe name of the list to processMandatory – This is the only link to the list


The action to take in case an error is encountered within the Loop block:
  • "ExitLoop": will break out of the loop and continue with the script
  • "Next": will continue on to the next loop item
Not mandatory – see detailed description


Determines what action will trigger List action removal:
  • All: Removal will be triggered by an error on action within the Loop block
  • ListAction: Removal will only be triggered if an action within the List itself encounters an error.
Not mandatory

Tag: ExecuteListAction

The self-closing action ExecuteListAction triggers the action in the current iteration of the Loop. This is mandatory; the action in the current List item will NOT be executed without this.

NOTEWhen using the 'Execute Automation File on...' option found in multi-server and multi-database tools, it is not necessary to have the ExecuteListAction tag within the script being launched.

This will be taken care of automatically.

Detailed Description

Even though setting the OnError attribute is not mandatory, this ensures that the action the script takes when encountering an error considers the Loop. If this is not set and an error is encountered, the global OnError behavior will be followed, resulting in the Loop being stopped.

NOTEThe Loop and List actions define the main elements involved in Loop operations. In addition to the given actions asked to be performed on each List line, there are sub-actions available to define how the Loop will interact with and, at times, modify the List it is working on. See below.


Tag: Clear

The action Clear lets you clear all content from a given List. 

<Clear list="MyList"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
ListUser definableThe name of the list to be clearedMandatory

Tag: ClearCurrentListItem

The self-closing action ClearCurrentListItem lets you clear the action currently used in the list.

<If target="Tree" test="focusRoot" mode="equals" value="false">

Example Script

In the script above, the List "MyList" is defined as 3 separate Load actions, each on separate databases. A Loop block is then initiated on "MyList". The Loop will repeat all actions contained within on every entry in "MyList" one at a time. The loop-specific OnError attribute is set as "Next"; if an error is encountered during the execution of the Loop (e.g. an item is found to be missing) the Loop will move on to the next action within the Loop.