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Graph Request

Tag: DoGraphRequest

Graph requests can be launched from Ytria automation.

Their result can be stored in a variable or in a text file.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue Description
URLN/ARequest URL (GET will be used)

TRUE / FALSE - Defaults to FALSE (whether to use App session or not, instead of User -- for Elevated/ Role)

NameN/AOutput var name
FilePathOutput file path (ignored if Name is not empty)N/A
HttpHeadersOptional http headerssemi-colon separated list of Header:Value pairs

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
	<DoGraphRequest Url="" Name="myVar"/> <!-- Dump to var -->
	<echo value="{%myVar%}"/>
	<DoGraphRequest Url="" FilePath="C:\dump.txt" UseApp="True" HttpHeaders="ConsistencyLevel:Eventual"/> <!-- Dump to file, using app session and optional http headers -->
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