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Job Center Presets - ExecuteInPreset Parameter for SetVar(s)

Tag: ExecuteInPreset 

The ExecuteInPreset parameter executes a script action while the preset is being made (sapio365 job center only as of 09/2020), even if it is not inside a PreparePreset block.
The action is also executed during a regular job run. It is mostly useful for SetVar to avoid duplicating the same SetVar in the script to its PreparePreset block.


Detailed Description

ExecuteInPreset is available for the following actions:

  • SetVar
  • SetVarListFromGridSelection
  • CalcVar
  • SetVarListSize
  • SetVarValidFilePath
  • SetVarFromListValue
  • SetVarListsFromGridColumns
  • SelectFromList
  • FilterFromList

Example Script

	<setvar vJobName="My test job" ExecuteInPreset="true"/><!-- executed at preset time AND at job run time -->
	<setvar vAnotherV="My nave is V"/><!-- executed only at job run time -->
		<setvar vPresetV1="PRESET VAR1"/><!-- executed only at preset time -->
		<setvar vPresetV2="PRESET VAR2" ExecuteInPreset="true"/><!-- executed only at preset time - it is pointless to use ExecuteInPreset inside PreparePreset -->
	<userinput Title="Ask me more questions for {%vJobName%}">
		<Variable name="state1" Type="label" label="This user job is a test for presets:"/>
		<Variable name="vu1" value="" Label="This user data:" />
		<Variable name="vu2" value="" Label="That user data:" />
	<MsgBox Title="{%vJobName%}" Message="v1={%v1%} v2={%v2%}" MessageExtended="vu1={%vu1%} vu2={%vu2%}" Type="eXclamation"/>
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