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Load Session

Tag: LoadSession

The LoadSession function automates the action of loading the sessions of selected users.


Tag Attributes

Attribute Values
Value Description
namesession name

session name (e.g.
May also contain the role name with the separator "|~#~|" (e.g.|~#~|550-OP Admin)

typeSession typeadvanced, app, elevated, partneradvanced, partnerelevated, role, standard
rolewhen type='role', the name of the role

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
	<LoadSession name=""/>
		<Select Lines="ByValue">
			<SetParam ColumnID="senderName" Value="Alex Wilber"/>
		<SelectColumn ColumnID="toRecipientsAddresses"/>
		<SelectColumn ColumnID="receivedDateTime"/>
			<SetParam Field="FileOutput" Value="ASCII"/>
			<SetParam Field="Mode" Value="Create"/>
			<SetParam Field="ExportType" Value="HTML"/>
			<SetParam Field="ChildrenOnly" Value="False"/>
			<SetParam Field="ExpandAllGroups" Value="False"/>
			<SetParam Field="OpenFileOnceGenerated" Value="True"/>
			<SetParam Field="SelectedRowsOnly" Value="True"/>
			<SetParam Field="ExcelSheetName" Value=""/>
			<SetParam Field="ExcelTemplate" Value=""/>
			<SetParam Field="FilePath" Value="AlexWilberMails-Exploded"/>
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