Tag: SelectedMyDataCalendar

The SelectedMyDataCalendar function automates the action of loading and showing calendar data of the signed-in user.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
KeepAliveTrue/False (Defaults to True)N/AN/A

The following attributes also apply to "User: Show Events" and " Group: Show Events"

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue DescriptionComment
CutOffN/AEmpty, "lastHour", "lastDay", "lastWeek", "lastMonth" or a date in iso8601 formatN/A
BodyPreviewTrue/False (Defaults to False)Retrieve body previewN/A
FullBodyTrue/False (Defaults to False)Retrieve Full Body contents)N/A
FilterFilterPre-filter string (As seen in Filter editor Result -- see below)N/A


If attribute "CutOff" is missingthe Option dialog will be shown. None of the above other attribute allowed.
If attribute "CutOff" is emptyall events are retrieved without time limit.

"CutOff" values:

  • "lastHour" : retrieve only object created in the last hour
  • "lastDay" : retrieve only object created in the last day
  • "lastWeek" : retrieve only object created in the last week
  • "lastMonth" : retrieve only object created in the last month
  • iso8601 date

NOTEIf one of the 3 other attributes (BodyPreview, FullBody or Filter) is used, cutoff is mandatory

Example Script

<ShowMyDataCalendar /> <!-- Show dialog -->
<ShowMyDataCalendar cutoff=""/> <!-- Retrieve all events -->
<ShowMyDataCalendar cutoff="lastWeek" BodyPreview="TRUE"/>
<ShowMyDataCalendar cutoff="2019-08-14" FullBody="TRUE"/>