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ShowMyDataCalendar: Open Events Module for Signed-in User

Tag: ShowMyDataCalendar

ShowMyDataCalendar launches the Messages module for the signed-in user.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute Value
KeepAliveTrue / False (Defaults to True)

The following attributes also apply to "User: Show Events" and " Group: Show Events"

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue Description






other (a date in iso8601 format)

Defaults to all

EmailsTrue / False

Retrieves emails

Defaults to False

ChatsTrue / False

Retrieves Private Teams Chats

Defaults to False

BodyPreviewTrue / False 

Retrieves Body Previews

Defaults to False

FullBodyTrue / False 

Retrieves Full Body Contents

Defaults to False

MailHeadersTrue / False

Retrieves Mail Headers

Defaults to False

FilterPre-filter string As seen in Filter editor Result -- see image above

If attribute "CutOff" is missingthe Option dialog will be shown. None of the above other attribute allowed.
If attribute "CutOff" is emptyall events are retrieved without time limit.

If one of the 3 other attributes (BodyPreview, FullBody or Filter) is used, cutoff is required.

Example Script

<ShowMyDataCalendar /> <!-- Show dialog -->
<ShowMyDataCalendar cutoff=""/> <!-- Retrieve all events -->
<ShowMyDataCalendar cutoff="lastWeek" BodyPreview="TRUE"/>
<ShowMyDataCalendar cutoff="2019-08-14" FullBody="TRUE"/>
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