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ShowMyDataDrive: Open OneDrive Files Module for Signed-in User

ShowMyDataDrive launches the OneDrive Files module for the signed-in user.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValuesComment
KeepAliveTrue / FalseDefaults to True
AllDrivesTrue / False

Defaults to False

By default, only the main drive is loaded for selected users.
If you wish to load all their drives, use this attribute.

(Experimental) Search criteria string as allowed in graph API request.
e.g.: .xlsx OR .png
(Experimental) Post filtering string. For now, only filtering on file extensions is available.
This string can contain the extensions (with the leading point) to keep, separated by a semicolon.
e.g.: .xlsx;.png

Example Script

	<ShowMyDataDrive AllDrives="True"/>

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