Tag: SelectedMyDataMail

The SelectedMyDataMail function automates the action of loading and showing mail message data of the signed-in user.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue DescriptionComment
KeepAliveTrue/False (Defaults to True)N/AN/A

The following attributes also apply to "User: Show Messages"

AttributesAttribute ValuesValue DescriptionComment
CutOffN/AEmpty, "lastHour", "lastDay", "lastWeek", "lastMonth" or a date in iso8601 formatN/A
EmailsTrue/False (Defaults to False)Retrieves emailsN/A
ChatsTrue/False (Defaults to False)Retrieves Private Teams ChatsN/A
BodyPreviewTrue/False (Defaults to False)Retrieves Body PreviewsN/A
FullBodyTrue/False (Defaults to False)Retrieves Full Body ContentsN/A
MailHeadersTrue/False (Defaults to False)Retrieves Mail HeadersN/A
FilterN/APre-filter string (As seen in Filter editor Result -- see below)N/A


If attribute "Emails" and "Chats" are both missing or not TRUE, "Emails" will be set to TRUE (at least one of them is mandatory)
If attribute "CutOff" is missingthe Option dialog will be shown. None of the above other attribute allowed.
If attribute "CutOff" is emptyall messages are retrieved without time limit.

"CutOff" values:

  • "lastHour" : retrieve only object created in the last hour
  • "lastDay" : retrieve only object created in the last day
  • "lastWeek" : retrieve only object created in the last week
  • "lastMonth" : retrieve only object created in the last month
  • iso8601 date

NOTEIf one one the 6 other attributes (Emails, Chats, BodyPreview, FullBody, MailHeaders or Filter) is used, cutoff is mandatory.

Example Script

<ShowMyDataMail/> <!-- Show dialog -->
<ShowMyDataMail cutoff=""/> <!-- Retrieve all messages -->
<ShowMyDataMail cutoff="lastWeek" Emails="TRUE" Chats="TRUE" BodyPreview="TRUE"/>
<ShowMyDataMail cutoff="2019-08-14" FullBody="TRUE" MailHeaders="TRUE"/>