All actions are identified by a unique code name and are performed on grids identified by a unique code name (see list by product). This grid code name is the value of the TARGET attribute in the action. The main grid has to be designated by the GRID attribute or won't be designated at all (i.e. grid actions default to main grid when no TARGET is specified).



Tag Attributes

ActionCode (XML tags)Parameters (XML attributes)
Collapse All (version:11.1.2)CollapseTarget

<Collapse/> (collapses the main grid), <Collapse target="DiscoverReplicas"/> (collapses the Discover Replicas grid)

Expand All (version:11.1.2)ExpandTarget

<Expand/>, <Expand target="DiscoverReplicas"/>

Ungroup All (version:11.1.2)UngroupAllTarget

<UngroupAll/>, <UngroupAll target="DiscoverReplicas"/>

Group By This Column (version:11.1.2)GroupByTarget, Column, Column ID

<GroupBy columnID="UniqueID"/>

Ungroup By This Column (version:11.1.2)UnGroupByTarget, Column, Column ID

<UnGroupBy target="DiscoverReplicas" column="Server Name"/>

Select All (version:11.1.2)SelectTarget, Lines

<Select lines="all"/>

Select ByValue (version:11.1.2)SelectTarget, Lines

<Select lines="ByValue"/>
[SetParam actions to set selection values]

Copy (version:11.1.2)CopyToClipboardTarget

<CopyToClipboard/>, <CopyToClipboard target="DiscoverReplicas"/>

Copy from Current Column

<CopyToClipboardFocusedColumn target="DiscoverReplicas"/>

Export (version:11.1.2)ExportTarget

See Export section for example

Export Preferences (version 12.0.6)ExportPreferences

See Export section for example

Sort (version:11.1.2)SortTarget, Column | ColumnNumber, Ascending

<Sort column="Database Title - NOTESAPP/YTRIA" ascending="false"/>

Clear all filters (version:11.1.2)ClearFiltersTarget

<ClearFilters/>, <ClearFilters target="DiscoverReplicas"/>


Example Script

Select all lines in main grid:

<Select lines="all"/> or <Select target="grid" lines="all"/>

Copy the selected lines from grid SelectedDatabases to the clipboard:

<CopyToClipboard Target="SelectedDatabases"/>