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SelectedEditServicePrincipal: edit selected Service Principals

Tag: SelectedEditServicePrincipal

The SelectedEditServicePrincipal function automates the action of editing selected Service Principals in the grid.


Tag Attributes

Attribute Value

True / False (Defaults to False)


  • accountEnabled
  • tags
  • description
  • notes
  • alternativeNames
  • notificationEmailAddresses

Custom Security Attributes

<SetParam Field="Set - Custom Security Attributes.Name - Custom Security Attributes" Value="Values - Custom Security Attributes"/>

#1:  single value

  • <SetParam Field="Sports.Hockey" Value="U7"/> 

#2: multi values:

  • <SetParam Field="Schools.SchoolYear" Value="2"/>
  • <SetParam Field="Schools.SchoolYear" Value="4"/>

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
	<OnError continue ='true'/>
	<ShowServicePrincipals frameId="ServicePrincipals">
		<Select lines="ByValue">
			<SetParam ColumnID="appId" Value="72c8a18f-e26d-4904-a1f1-d14d0a40fbe5"/>
		<SelectedEditServicePrincipal keepalive='true'>
			<SetParam Field="Description" Value="sapio365 Service Principals - Add Edit"/>
			<SetParam Field="alternativeNames" Value="Admin tool"/>
			<SetParam Field="alternativeNames" Value=""/>
			<SetParam Field="notes" Value="{Solve your Microsoft 365 admin challenges; you thought were impossible… without relying on PowerShell scripts"/>
			<SetParam Field="tags" Value="sapio365"/>
			<SetParam Field="tags" Value="Admin tool"/>
			<SetParam Field="Sports.Hockey"  Value="U7"/>			
			<SetParam Field="Sports.Balls"  Value="Tennis"/>			
			<SetParam Field="Sports.Balls"  Value="Baseball"/>			
			<SetParam Field="Schools.SchoolYear" Value="2"/>
			<SetParam Field="Schools.SchoolYear" Value="4"/>

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