Tag: ShowUsageReport

ShowUsageReport launches the Usage Reports module.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute Value
KeepAliveTrue / False (Defaults to True)
Name (Only if creating a new report) Name of the report as it's displayed in the select dialog (or index of the report on two digits).
ReportFile If "Name is specified, this will save the report. If "Name" is not specified, this will load the report.
PeriodOrDate(Only if creating a new report and the selected report is compatible) Period (D7, D30, D90, D180) or cut-off Date (iso 8601 format)
AdditionalInfo (Only if creating a new report) Semicolon-separated property names (User or Group)

Detailed Description

Possible names:
OneDrive activity
OneDrive usage
Teams device usage
Teams user activity
Email activity
Email app activity
Mailbox usage
Office 365 groups activity
Office 365 active users
Office 365 activations
SharePoint activity
SharePoint site usage
Skype for Business activity
Skype for Business device usage
Yammer activity
Yammer device usage
Yammer groups activity

Possible User Properties (OneDrive activity, OneDrive usage, Teams device usage, Teams user activity, Email activity, Email app activity,

Mailbox usage, Office 365 active users, Office 365 activations, SharePoint activity, Skype for Business activity, Skype for Business device usage,

Yammer activity, Yammer device usage):
User Display Name
status
Assigned Licences
First name
Last name
Job title
Company Name
Office location
Postal CodeCountry
Location for License Usage
Created On
Show in Address List
Age Group
Sync Enabled - On Premises
Distinguished Name on premises
Domain Name on premises
Sam Account Name on premises
User Principal Name on premises
Attribute 1 on premises
Attribute 2 on premises
Attribute 3 on premises
Attribute 4 on premises
Attribute 5 on premises
Attribute 6 on premises
Attribute 7 on premises
Attribute 8 on premises
Attribute 9 on premises
Attribute 10 on premises
Attribute 11 on premises
Attribute 12 on premises
Attribute 13 on premises
Attribute 14 on premises
Attribute 15 on premises

Possible Group Properties (Office 365 groups activity, Yammer groups activity):
Is a Team
Dynamic Membership
Created On
Renewed On
Expiration Policy Status

Example Script

	<ShowUsageReport Name="OneDrive activity" PeriodOrDate="D7">
	<ShowUsageReport Name="OneDrive activity" PeriodOrDate="D180" AdditionalInfo="Username;Age Group;City">
	<ShowUsageReport Name="OneDrive activity" PeriodOrDate="2019-08-10" ReportFile="MySavedReport">
	<ShowUsageReport ReportFile="MySavedReport">