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System Lists: Sessions

Tag: ListItemSessionName

As regular lists, the following two pre-loaded lists can be used in a Loop or as an input for a combo selection in UserInput.

If used in a UserInput, the "value" parameter for both must be set to ListItemSessionName.

List for previously loaded App sessions:

List for previously loaded Advanced sessions:

List for previously loaded Elevated sessions:

List for previously loaded Role sessions:

List for previously loaded Standard sessions:

List for previously loaded Partner Advanced session:

List for previously loaded Partner Elevated session:

The UserInput variables can then be used in LoadSession

Example Script

<UserInput Title="SELECT SESSIONS">
	<Variable name="MyApp" Label="App" Type="List">
		<ListItem ListName="O365Sessions_App" value="ListItemSessionLabel"/>
	<Variable name="MyAdvanced" Label="Advanced" Type="List">
		<ListItem ListName="O365Sessions_Advanced" value="ListItemSessionLabel"/>
	<Variable name="MyRoles" Label="Role" Type="List">
		<ListItem ListName="O365Sessions_Role" value="ListItemSessionLabel"/>
<echo value="App selection is {%MyApp%}"/>
<echo value="Advanced selection is {%MyAdvanced%}"/>
<echo value="Role selection is {%MyRoles%}"/>

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