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Advanced Database Properties in databaseEZ

The Advanced Properties dialog appears when you click Edit>Edit Database Advanced Properties (or right-click in the Grid pane and choose Edit Database Advanced Properties in the contextual menu).
This dialog lets you mass-edit the properties that correspond with those found in the 'Advanced' tab of the Database Properties dialog in Lotus Notes.

When multiple databases are selected, the checkboxes in this dialog tell you the status of the current settings:

  • "Checked" means that the property is currently set for all selected databases
  • "Unchecked" or empty indicates that the property not enabled for any selected databases
  • "Filled" or indeterminate can indicate that some databases in the current selection have this setting enabled while others do not. The "filled" status is also used for non-summarized database properties that have not been loaded


Databases modified in the databaseEZ grid will be marked with the pencil icon seen below; however, changes won't be written to the server until you click Server>Apply Changes (Ctrl+S) or right-click and choose Apply Changes to Selected in the contextual menu.


Due to the nature of the Notes API, you must perform a compact operation on databases after modifying certain properties (e.g. "Compress database design" and "Don't support specialized response hierarchy"). If the compact step is omitted, changes to these properties will not be enacted.

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