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Column actions (grouping, moving, etc...)

The Ytria flexYgrid lets you move, remove, group, resize, sort and filter the grid columns.
Most of these actions can also be done by using the Grid Manager, as well as with automation scripting.

In addition to these actions the flexYgrid offers a large arsenal of Tools and Options.

Moving columns

To move a column, drag the column header to the desired position.

The two red arrows indicate the new position of your moved column before you drop it.

NOTEOther ways to move columns:

You can move columns with the Grid Manager.

The Move action lets you move columns using automation.

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Removing columns

To remove a column, drag the column header into the trash can located on the right side of the grouping area (see screenshot).

NOTEOther ways to remove columns:

You can remove columns with the Grid Manager.

The Remove action lets you remove columns using automation.

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Resizing columns

To resize a column place the cursor over the column delimiter line and drag to adjust its size.

  • Double clicking on the column delimiter will resize its width to accommodate the visible values. This is the default flexYgrid column size.
  • Ctrl + double-clicking resizes the column to the header width.
  • Shift + double-clicking resizes using the maximum of header and visible cell width.

In case of multi-header columns, like in replicationEZ, these shortcuts will resize the main column and all sub-columns.

NOTEOther way to resize columns:

You can resize columns with the Grid Manager.

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