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Global grid actions

Within every flexYgrid panel there are numerous ways that you can manipulate the data contained within the grid. These actions are essential aspects to using the grid as a tool.

Global Grid Actions

Each of the available grid actions can generally be attributed to one of the following categories:

Managing your Groupings: These actions include functions that relate to making and cancelling column groupings.

Managing How Data is Displayed Within your Groupings: These actions pertain to how you see the data within groupings as well as the options for more advanced group functions such as the display of group totals.

Navigating your Grids or Groups: These actions provide the basis of navigating across multiple groupings.

General Visibility: These actions relate to the visibility of grid entries, including 'Show/ Hide Selected Entries' and 'Show Column Titles'.

Copying and Exporting your Data: These actions relate to the different methods of exporting grid data to spreadsheets and other mediums.

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