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Database selection filter

Database Selection Filter

Ytria's server-oriented tools (aclEZ, databaseEZ, replicationEZ and agentEZ) offer the Database Selection Filter to help select which databases you'd like to work on.

Creating a Filter

There are three radio buttons in this section:

  • All: The filter will be applied to Databases,Templates and any .box files that appear on the server.
  • Databases: The filter is only applied to .nsf files.
  • Templates: The filter is only applied to .ntf files.

The Database Selection Filter also allows you to apply a regular expression to your selection. You can click the Test button to make sure your syntax is correct.
The search will be focused on the text displayed in the tree for databases and templates (this does not include directories).
There's also a Case Sensitive box that allows you to toggle regular expression case sensitivity on and off.

The Search on full path box allows you to search the tree including directories. This search will be focused on the database file name as opposed to the text displayed.



To specify the directory hierarchy, you will have to use the regular expression directory\\filename as shown in the example below.

The following buttons affect how the filter will work:

  • Include: If you click this button your selection will include the items that match your filter settings.
  • Exclude: If you click this button your selection will include the items that do not match your filter settings.

Applying your Filtered Selection

Once you've set your selection, you must click the Apply button to load it.

Hiding the Database Selection Filter

You can toggle to display the Database Selection Filter screen by clicking the double chevron icon pictured below:

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