Beginning with version 20.1.1, all our tools need to have the Microsoft Edge Webview2 Runtime installed on the computer.

This runtime replaces the old and deprecated embedded Internet Explorer Windows component.

Our installation checks that you do have a Webview2 Runtime installed, and it will use the most recent one.

This is done by looking for any of the 3 following registry entries (all in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE):



Any value bigger than 99.0.1150.55 will skip the installation of the runtime.

However this is not always properly installed, and some users can have issues with their Webview2 Runtime.

Also, the installation process uses the Evergreen Bootstrapper, which requires an Internet connection. This may be an issue for computer with no internet connection.

A suggestion in this case is to try and download it directly, and install it manually.

The latest Webview2 runtime, can be found here:
WebView2 - Microsoft Edge Developer

Note - the one you want is the x86 one (since Notes as our current solutions for Domino are 32 bits).

The 64bits Beta version of our products have not been updated yet.

The Microsoft Edge Webview2 Runtime is mandatory. If it isn't installed properly, your product won't be able to work.