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Selecting a name

Selecting a Name from a NAB

There are functions throughout the EZ Suite that will require you to select names from a NAB within your environment.

In order to find and select the name that you need the EZ Suite tools offer a standardized Name dialog with multiple options for finding the proper name, regardless of the number of servers and/or NABs within your environment.

The Names Dialog

The Names dialog offers a range of options to let you find and select names from your environment.

The following information fields and options are available to select the server/NAB that you want to choose your names from:

    • Server: This dropdown list shows all servers available to select.
    • Set Default: Lets you set a default server to use when opening the 'Names' dialog.
    • Look in: This dropdown list shows all NABs available to search in.
    • Contains: This field lets you enter a string to search for among the names in the selected NAB.
    • Filter: This excludes all names except those containing the string entered in the 'Contains' field.
    • Clear: This will clear the string filter used and revert the names list to its full state.

    NOTEThe list of servers that appears in the Server drop-down list may not look the same as what you see in Notes.

    This is because Ytria tools use a slightly different method for generating a server list:
    • First: This list will display the servers listed as connection documents in your local address book.
    • Second: It will add any server for which you have a database tile on your Notes client workspace (this is stored in the local Desktop.dsk).
    • Third: It appends the content of the notes.ini entries 'YtriaServerNamesCN1' to 'YtriaServerNamesCNx' ('x' being a number between 1 and 255). These multiple notes.ini entries are created (if necessary) to circumvent a 256 character limit for notes.ini variables. The entries are created/updated each time you enter or select a server in any of the Ytria tools.
    • Fourth: It will add the 'Local' entry at the top of the list.

    The names in your selected NAB are displayed in a FlexyView enabled panel on the left of the dialog.
    On the right of the dialog is a list of the currently added names.

      • Add: Use this to add names selected on the right to the currently added list on the left. You may add more than one name at a time.
      • Add Members: Use this to add all individual members of the groups selected on the right to the list.
       next to a given group name will show you the entire list of members belonging that group.
        • Add Custom: This lets you add a custom name value to the list manually.
        • Sort: This will order your list of selected names.
        • Remove: This will remove selected names from the list of currently added.
        • Remove All: This will clear all names from the currently added list.
        • OK: Launches the Effective Access calculation.
        • Cancel: Closes the dialog and cancels the currently added names.
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