Listed below are all the files that you should delete if you wish to uninstall Ytria software. However, depending on the products installed, some of these files may not show up on your hard drive.

IBM Notes and Domino R6.x or later users

  • Remove the toolbar icon for [Productname], File>Preferences>Toolbar> Customize > and remove the icon.


  • Delete the ndbYtria.dll, [Productname].ini, [Productname].exe, scanEZMulti.dll and [Productname].dll files in your notes.exe directory if they exist.
  • Delete any lines in your notes.ini file that contain "Ytria."
  • Delete the YtriaFormula.sfd and YtriaRegex.sfd files found in your Notes/Data directory (these are used to store saved formulas and regular expressions respectively).
  • Delete the YtriaFavoriteServers.txt, YtriaNABCheckerExcl.txt, YtriaSkippedServers.txt in your Notes/Data directory if they exist.
  • Delete the YTRIA_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT folder in your Notes/Data directory.
  • Delete any [Productname].nsf files or the YtriaEZSuite.nsf file if they exist.