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Ytria Key Depository database

Ytria offers a Key Depository Database as an alternative means of registering your software. It is primarily useful to organizations with a large number of licenses to manage.

The Key Depository Database lets an administrator store license keys for Ytria software titles on a server.

Key Depository Set-up

  1. Log in to your Ytria account at
  2. Click the Key Depository link on the orange menu (on the left-hand side of the page).
  3. Now, click the link on this page that lets you download a copy of the Key Depository Database template.
  4. Unzip the template and save it to your Notes directory. Then create a copy of the Key Depository Database from the template and place it on a server.
  5. Open the Key Depository Database and follow the steps below (which are also described in the Key Depository Database itself):
    1. Copy the Server ID Code by clicking a button
    2. Return to your account at; Go to Key Depository>Access Keys; From this page, find the invoice you'd like to add to the Key Depository and click the 'Create New' link and then paste the Server ID Code into the resulting dialog box.
    3. Return to the Key Depository Database in Lotus Notes and click the "Paste Encrypted License Keys" button. After this step, your encrypted License Key(s) should now be listed in your Key Depository Database and ready for use.
    4. Now do either one of the following to finish the Key Depository set-up procedure:
      1. Have end users add the "YtriaKeyDepositoryDBPath" entry to their Notes.ini file which will point to your Key Depository Database's server and file path; the expected value uses canonical format: CN=MyServer/O=MyOrganization!!YtriaKeyDep.nsf
      2. Set the Key Depository Database path using the Actions>Ytria Support>Special Installation Settings dialog in the product installation database (ie [productname].nsf or YtriaEZsuite.nsf). In order to use the Special Installation Settings, end-users must install off the same installer database(s); the Special Installation Settings are only available when the installer database(s) are placed on a server. These settings must be in place prior to end-user installation.
  6. Now the Key Depository should be set up. When an end-user launches a Ytria software title for the first time, he-or-she should see the following dialog; if they click yes their software will be registered using a license key from the Key Depository.


An end-user will see this dialog when they open their software for the first time; they just need to click Yes and then the software will be ready to use


The Key Depository Database lets you see if keys were used through its "Usage" column


Because the Key Depository Database is a Lotus Notes application, you can set its ACL to fit your organization's needs. We recommend that administrators give end-users "Author" access to the Key Depository Database (this allows you to easily track license key usage). "Reader" access is the bare minimum required to use keys stored in the Key Depository.

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