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Ytria Update is an automated software update system. With one click, you can check for new updates for all your Ytria products and download the latest Ytria releases in a matter of seconds.

It's all automated, so the system will check if you need to download the latest release, download the latest software from our servers, and replace your old executable file with the new one.

On the Ytria website you can download it from this page.

In any Ytria product, go to the menu Help > Check for updates... and follow the instructions to download and update your software with a click or two.

There are two possibilities:

  • If YtriaUpdate itself needs to be updated, you will see the following message:

  • If YtriaUpdate is already up to date, you will see the following message:

  • To avoid issues with Microsoft User Account Control (UAC) on Windows Vista and 7, Ytria Update application has been renamed to YtriaCheckForNewerVersions.exe during the installation process.
      Therefore the tools will be able to identify this new name by the following entry in your Notes.ini: YtriaUpdateFileName=YtriaCheckForNewerVersions.exe.
      • By default Ytria Update is installed in the Notes/Data/Ytria_Technical_Support directory.
      • By default, Ytria Update will download all the new program files and directly update the tools in the Notes program directory.
        However, if the current Notes program directory is write protected, Ytria Update will use the %Temp% folder to store the downloaded files. It will then launch YtriaInstall.exe to move these downloaded files back to the Notes program directory. The launch of YtriaInstall.exe will force Windows to ask you for a Microsoft User Account Control (UAC) authorization.
      • Next it will launch Ytria EZ (Easy) Software Update. This will check which Ytria products are installed on your computer, and if any update should be downloaded from Ytria's servers.

        Ytria Update then shows a comparison between the software release(s) installed on your computer and the latest releases available on Ytria's servers. If any new releases should be downloaded, Ytria Update lets you choose which product(s) you want to download.
        • Ytria Update cannot update software or components when they are in use. First you will have to exit the program (or close Notes in the case of out-of-date dll files).
        • Once the update has completed, the component list will be updated to confirm that your Ytria products are up to date.

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