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Connect to customer tenant with Partner Access

sapio365 supports Microsoft 365 credentials with Partner Access (Managed Service Providers). The steps to connecting to a customer tenant are below and are referenced in the image that follows.

You can repeat this for each of your customers to create a specific session for each one.

Then you can switch between the listed customers sessions in Recent Sessions once you have logged in at least once in each, and as long as your session token has not expired.

You must be able to give or obtain admin consent to the sapio365 application for each customer tenant.

1 - Create an Advanced session with your credentials

Sign-in to your tenant and give consent to the sapio365 application if it has not been already given. Once the session is created, sapio365 will show the Partner Access button.

Learn more about creating an Advanced session.

2 - Click on Partner Access to select a customer from the list

Once you see a list of customers, select one to create a customer session.

Search for a customer

Avoid scrolling to find a customer by using the text search feature.

3 - Give consent to the sapio365 application

After selecting your customer, you must give admin consent to the permissions of the sapio365 application.

You have the following options:

  • Give consent now - if you have the rights to do so and it’s the first time connecting to that customer tenant with sapio365.

  • Copy consent URL - if you don’t have the right to give consent. You can copy the consent URL to send to the a global admin in the customer tenant.

    Once consent has been given, try again.

  • Continue - if consent has already been given.

Send the consent URL to several customers

If your list of customers is long, you don’t need to go through each step to copy the consent URL.

sapio365 consent URL link

The same URL can be sent to global admins of different tenants. They will need to sign-in to give consent.


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