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sapio365 lets you connect to Microsoft 365 and retrieve data from the sign-in events log.

For more information about the sign-ins report in Azure AD, visit Microsoft documentation pages.

Note that you must have an Azure Active Directory P1 or P2 license to access the sign-in activity report through sapio365 because it uses Microsoft Graph API.

Get user sign-ins from sapio365

  1. Launch Sign-ins report from the Tenant section on the sapio365 homepage.
  2. Limit the volume of recorded sign-in entries you wish to retrieve according to a date range.
  3. Add optional filters to limit the results even further.
  4. Add additional user properties to the report*. Use the type ahead search on the right to find them quicker.

* The values of the additional user properties are from cached data. Launch and refresh data in the Users module to ensure up-to-date cached data.

Switch to another view

There are 2 system views available, but you can create and save as many as you need.

  • Risk status info: Grouping by Risk Status and then by Username columns.
  • Successful and failed sign-ins: Grouping by Status error column.

Custom report: Last sign-in activity of users

To see only the last sign-in of users, follow the steps below.

  1. Drag & drop the Username column header to the left to categorize entries.
  2. Go to Grouping tab, select a cell in the date column to bring it to focus, and click on Totals->Maximum to show the last date/time for each shown at first level of grouping.
  3. Collapse all to only see the grouping levels.
  4. Export by copy/paste or go to Global setting and click on Export.

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