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IDFILE document structure

Structure of the document

Field NameValuesTypeComment
CREATORCN=Antony Test4/O=YTRIAReadersCreator of the stored ID document
CURRENTUPDATERCN=Antony Test4/O=YTRIAAuthorsPerson who is allowed to modify or delete the stored ID document
FORCEDLOG1NumberFlag: 1 = Force log for this ID - 0 = Do not force log
FORCEDLOGPATHYtria/signEZ.nsfTextPath to the signEZ database to store the log
FORCEDLOGSERVERMYSERVER/YTRIATextServer where the signEZ database is located. Leave empty for local.
FORMIDFILETextConstant value
ObjectAttached ID file
TextEncrypted password of the stored ID
PATHC:\lotus\notes\ids\user.idTextPath from where the ID was imported
READERSCN=Antony Test4/O=YTRIAReadersName of the persons allowed to use this ID. Value is * if everyone can use it.
USERNAMECN=Antony Test4/O=YTRIATextFull username of the stored ID
YTRIA[Ytria]ReadersConstant Value
YVERSION2NumberConstant Value
ACCESSFILESTest.nsf; log.nsfText ListList of the database this ID is allowed to sign.
ACCESSSERVERS; MYSERVER/YTRIAText ListServers associated to the databases in the ACCESSFILES field.
Empty value means local.
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