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Updating the signEZ database

If you need to update the signEZ database design, replace the design with the latest template of the signEZ database available on our Web site (this works better than refreshing the design). This way, you will keep all your settings documents as well as your stored IDs and logs.

To replace the design, right-click on your current signEZ database in your Lotus Notes Workspace, then select Database > Replace design (In Notes R8 select Applications > Replace design). In the resulting dialog, select the new template you want to use. (The template must be in your local Lotus Notes data directory or on a Lotus Domino server)


If you've made any changes to the signEZ database, you should make a backup of it before replacing or refreshing the design.

How to re-install signEZ

If you need to re-install the signEZ application, you can :

  • Open the signEZ database (it should be named either 'YtriaEZSuite.nsf' or 'signEZ.nsf' depending on whether you installed using the EZ Suite Installer or the stand-alone installer)
  • Click the Install button on the right side of the action bar
  • Select the Launch Product Installation Procedure


  • Open the signEZ database
  • Go to the menu: Actions > Launch Product Installation Procedure
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