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Working with groups

Group Expander Options

In aclEZ's Options menu, there's a sub menu called Group Expander. The options within this menu allow you to customize the information related to groups displayed in the ACL Entries pane.

Expand Nested Groups

If you choose this option, aclEZ will display ALL groups members in the grid, no matter where they are located in the group structure (i.e. part of groups directly or groups within groups) in the ACL Entries pane. Two new columns, Members (displays the group member or members that the entry refers to) and Hierarchy (shows where this group member fits within the hierarchy), appear when either this option or Expand Group (Top-Level Only) are enabled.

Note: while using the "Expand None" mode, each grid entry stands for an ACL entry. The moment either the "Expand Nested Groups" or "Expand Group (Top-Level Only)" modes are selected, this changes, and each entry will represent a given group member that has access to a given database through an ACL Entry (whether group or person type). Thereby the "Name" column will still represent the ACL Entry in question, while the Members column will list all users / group members in the ACL entry group.

Expand Group (Top-Level Only)

This works in exactly the manner as the Expand Nested Groups options, except it will not display groups nested deeper than the top-level.

Expand None

This turns off group expansion.

Save Current Selection as Default

This will write your group expansion preference to the 'YtriaGroupExpanderDepth' Notes.ini entry.

User Caching

The information used to display group member in aclEZ comes from your Domino server. When User Caching is enabled, group members are kept in memory after the first time the list is generated. User Caching is turned on by default.

Synchronize Cache

This option is used to help ensure ACL information is up-to-date when using User Caching. With Synchronize Cache enabled, aclEZ will check to see if there are any date discrepancies between the ACL information in memory as compared to what is currently on the server.

Select NAB for Group member listings...

This option lets you change the server and address book from which a group's user names are gathered.


This NAB setting can also be made via the NAB Group Navigator (Tools menu). Therefore, the NAB set in this Group Expander is the same for the Group Navigator setting and vice versa.
Beware however, that the NAB selected in the Presence Checker (Options menu) may be different from the NAB selected in the Group Navigator (Tools menu)

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