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Notes.ini Values for actionBarEZ

In addition to the global Notes.ini settings, actionBarEZ uses the following Notes.ini values:

YtriaActionBarEZDisplaySharedByTitleValues: 1 or 0.
When set to 1, Shared Actions in the Actions window are displayed sorted by title.
When set to 0 or when this Notes.ini entry is missing, Shared Actions are displayed like they are given by the Notes API.
YtriaActionBarEZForceRead$ACTIONSThis entry holds the preference for the Load only R4 Actions option in actionBarEZ:
1 = On
0 = Off
YtriaActionBarEZOptionThis entry stores a user's preferences for the variables in the Options menu of the Action Bars dialog box:
0 = Default (The program will display the default tabs for the whichever version of Notes/Domino the database was created in)
1 = R5 Properties (The dialog box will always display the R5 array of tabs )
2 = R6 Properties (The dialog box will always display the R6+ array of tabs)
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