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Global Notes.ini values

What is exactly happening in your notes.ini file when Ytria products are installed on your computer?

Several values are set in the notes.ini file:

These values show the last database and server opened by any Ytria tool. It is used when you launch your Ytria software from Notes without having selected any database beforehand.

If the last opened server is local, YtriaLastOpenServerName is not set.
YtriaNoDesignCollectionIf set, the tools will not use the design collection to list documents, but will do an NSFSearch which shows all design elements (including private design) but can be longer.
=1 The slower-but-more-thorough NSFSearch will be used.
=0 The faster design collection note will be used.
YtriaEZVersionThis value shows the version of the ndbYtria file, which is used by the installation database.
Ytria[PRODUCT]VersionFor each product, this line is set. This is for backward compatibility with older versions of Ytria products
YtriaServerNamesCN1 YtriaServerNamesCN2
YtriaServerNamesCN3 etc.
This value is used to store the server name list that appears in dialog boxes for Ytria tools. YtriaServerNamesCN1 uses the canonical name for servers (i.e. CN=MYSERVER/O=ORG). It uses a comma as a separator between server names. This notes.ini entry can store up to 256 server names, after you surpass that number a new entry called 'YtriaServerNamesCN2' will be created to store additional server names. If YtriaServerNamesCN2 fills up, a new entry called YtriaServerNamesCN3 will be created and so on all the way up to YtriaServerNamesCN254.
This entry replaces the YtriaServerNamesCN value, which is now safe to delete.
This value was previously used to store the server name list that appears in dialog boxes for Ytria tools. The current entry is YtriaServerNamesCN1so if you are using up-to-date software, it's safe to delete the YtriaServerNamesCN value.
This value was previously used to store the server name list that appears in dialog boxes for Ytria tools. The current entry is YtriaServerNamesCN1so if you are using up-to-date software, it's safe to delete the YtriaServerNames value.
YtriaCIAODisableDisable CIAO! CheckIn/CheckOut in all Ytria products
Expected value:
Ytria<Product Name>CIAOCommentIf you use Teamstudio CIAO, you have the option of adding a Notes.ini entry that will automatically input comments rather than displaying a CIAO dialog. Each Ytria product requires its own Notes.ini entry (eg: YtriascanEZCIAOComment or YtriaagentEZCIAOComment).
The value you enter will be used for comments (eg: Change made by Ytria designPropEZ).
YtriaForceCurrentUserThis notes.ini entry is automatically installed whenever you install Ytria software on a workstation with the Windows Vista operating system. When enabled, this entry 'forces' any Registry entries to be written to the Current User directory. This will prevent many Vista-related installation problems.
1 = On
0 = Off
YtriaInstalRedirectNotesExeDirThis is a workaround solution for an issue that sometimes crops up when installing Ytria software on Window 7 or Windows Vista workstations.
In Windows 7/Vista, if you try to copy or install a file in the Program Files directory, the operating system will ask for security confirmation.
If you detach an attachment in Lotus Notes running on Windows 7/Vista to a secured directory, our testing indicates that it will not work and no dialog box pop-up to ask you to confirm you want to make a change in that directory.
Ytria tools' install process uses a basic Lotus Notes detach function (all the files are attachments in special notes). This means that Windows 7/Vista will prevent the Ytria installer from doing its job because the .exe files that need to be placed in the same directory as your Notes client will be blocked by the operating system (again, with no dialog box to warn you).
The special YtriaInstalRedirectNotesExeDir=<Temp Full Path> notes.ini parameter lets you choose another temporary directory to place these .exe files when you run any of Ytria's product installers. After that you can manually copy the files to your Notes.exe directory (where a pop-up dialog box will ask you to confirm).
Expected value:
A temporary full file path
YtriaEnableTraceThis sets where the trace log for Ytria's software will be created. The expected value is the file path and name of the trace file.
e.g.: C:\YtriaTrace.log
$YtriaInstallLogThis set the preferences for the installation log files for Ytria software:
Possible values:

Will send the log to email
Will send the log to email address

Will put the log file in C:\YtriaInstall.log

Will put log in file specified log123. If no path is given, it will save it in the current directory of Notes.

Note : If the mail or file parameters are followed by a colon (:) then it MUST have some value set (unless it will display an error)
YtriaDefaultAddressBookThis entry is currently used by scanEZ and aclEZ. The value stores the default address book for the Group Expander options for these products. It's stored in this format:

YtriaGroupExpanderDepthThis entry is currently used by scanEZ and aclEZ. The values store the default Group Expander options for these products.

1 = "Expand None"
2 = "Expand Groups (Top Level Only)
3 = "Expand Nested Groups" (i.e. all levels)
YtriaDocumentSaveNotForcedBy default Ytria tools 'force save' documents, i.e. they allow you to save when the Notes API would normally display a warning dialog about a document being changed externally.
1 = Do not force save documents
0 = Default behavior (force save documents)
YtriaDatabaseDisplayFormatThis entry is used for aclEZ and agentEZ. It stores the database display preference information found in the products' Options menu plus the "Read Database when..." options.
The first digit stores the database name display preference:
1 = Title
2 = Filename
3 = Title and Filename
4 = Filename and Title
The second digit determines the Read database when.. setting:
1 = Read Database Immediately Upon Selection
2 = Read Database Only After 'Apply' Button is Clicked
So if the notes.ini entry was set to "42" it would mean that database filenames and titles are displayed and that database information will only be read after the 'Apply' button is clicked.
YtriaDesignDisplayFormatThis entry is used for all Ytria's database-level tools. It stores the default setting for how design elements are listed.
The first digit:
1 = By Language
2 = By Title
The second digit:
1 = Language code
2 = Language name
3 = No language
The third digit:
1 = Name
2 = Last Alias
3 = Name and Alias
YtriaRegexCaseSensitiveThis entry is used to store your case sensitivity preferences for regular expression searches. Search by regular expression is available in many within Ytria's tools:
1 = Case sensitive
2 = Case insensitive
YtriaFullAdminAccessThis entry is used if you've chosen to enable Full Access Administration by default in one of Ytria's programs. This entry affects all Ytria software title.
1 = Full Access Administration switched on by default in Ytria software
0 = Full Access will not be enabled when you first launch any Ytria software title
YtriaNotesURLEditIf the option is enabled, a dialog allowing you to edit a Notes URL will appear whenever you open a Notes document from a Ytria tool (e.g: the Open in Notes contextual menu command in the scanEZ Selection Tree)
1 = Enabled
[empty] = Disabled
YtriaUpdateFileNameIn order to prevent potential UAC issues, installations on Windows 7 and Windows Vista machines will have their YtriaUpdate.exe file renamed to YtriaCheckForNewerVersions.exe by means of this Notes.ini entry.
YtriaLogDatabaseThis optional entry allows you enable logging all the changes performed using Ytria tools. The expected value is the canonical path to a Notes database. Please be aware that enabling change logging can have an adverse effect on performance, though this performance hit is considerably less noticeable when logging to a local database.

Also, the following Ytria products have their own specific notes.ini information:

agentEZ notes.ini values

aclEZ notes.ini values

actionBarEZ notes.ini values

signEZ notes.ini values

scanEZ notes.ini values

viewEZ notes.ini values

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