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Notes.ini values in scanEZ

In addition to the global notes.ini settings for Ytria products, the following entries hold information used only by scanEZ:

YtriaShowDlgHelpCheckBoxesThis notes.ini entry stores preferences on whether or not to display the help splash screen explaining how scanEZ's checkbox selection feature works.:
1 = Show help dialog
2 = Don't show help dialog
AddInMenusThis entry is actually created by Notes itself, but if you chose to install the scanEZ Multiple Selection option you'll see the following value added to this entry:
YtriaExportSettingsWhen you click the Save Curent Settings button in scanEZ's Export window, this notes.ini entry will store your preferences.
YtriaFormulaHistoryLimitNumber (optional)Adding this entry allows you to customize the size of your formula history. By default, this entry is not present and scanEZ saves the last 100 formulas used.
Example value: 200
YtriaFormulaHistoryFilePath (optional)This entry allows you to set a new directory for your YtriaFormulaHistory.sfd file. If this entry is not present, the history file will be written in your Lotus Notes data directory.
Example value: D:\MyFavoriteDirectory\
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