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AddEntry: add an entry to elements in a list

Tag: AddEntry

The AddEntry function adds an entry to each element in a list, or to a subset of these elements. 

Detailed Description

An entry is the name of a list action parameter in a list element.

For example, in <List Name=”List1” Action=”SetVar” v1=”A” v2=”B”/>:

  • Name and Action are not list action parameters, they are mandatory settings of the List action

  • v1 and v2 are action parameters: they relate to “SetVar“; they are considered list entries in the element defined by the List action

An entry can be added to all elements in the list, or to a subset of elements defined by a WHERE clause that tests entry values.

For example, list A contains 10 elements with entries A. An entry B can be added to all elements, or only to elements that match a WHERE clause that compares entry values in each element to its settings.

If AddEntry targets existing entries, they are overwritten: AddEntry can be used to modify the existing entry values in a list. 

The WHERE clause is case insensitive.

Tag Attributes


Value Description


Any string to ID the origin list (required)


Any string to ID the entry (required)


The value to of the entry (not required)

If not supplied, an empty entry is added


Name of parameter to use for a source list subset selection (optional)

(where comparison mode)

If the Where attribute is used, a comparison mode is required, one of:

  • Begins

  • NotBegins

  • Equals

  • NotEquals

  • Contains

  • NotContains

  • IsInString

  • IsNotInString

  • IsIn

  • IsNotIn

  • Ends

  • NotEnds

  • GreaterThan

  • GreaterOrEquals

  • LessThan

  • LessOrEquals

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
    <SplitIntoSetVarList ListName="List1" separator=":" var1="A:B:C:D:E:F" var2="a:b:c:d:e:f"/>

Add var3 with value X to all elements
	<AddEntry ListName="List1" EntryName="var3" EntryValue="X"/>
	<Loop list="List1">

Add var4 with value Y + Z to elements that have a var2 value different from a
	<AddEntry ListName="List1" EntryName="var4" EntryValue="Y + Z" Where="var2" notequals="a"/>
	<Loop list="List1">

Modify var2 to EDITED for elements that have a var4 value equal to Y + Z
	<AddEntry ListName="List1" EntryName="var2" EntryValue="EDITED" Where="var4" equals="Y + Z"/>
	<Loop list="List1">



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