The following grid column actions can be automated (the Target attribute identifies the grid, no target implies main grid):

Action in application

Code Name (XML tags)Parameters (XML attributes)

Sort (version:11.1.2)

SortTarget, Column | ColumnNumber, Ascending
<Sort ColumnID="xxx" ascending="false"/>
Clear Filters (version:11.1.2)ClearFiltersTarget, Column

<ClearFilters ColumnID="xxx"/>

Filter By Regular Expression (version:11.1.2)RegexTarget, Column, Regex, CaseSensitive
<Filter ColumnID="xxx" Regex="names.nsf" CaseSensitive="true"/>
Text Filters (version:11.1.2)TextTarget, Column, Mode, Text
<Filter ColumnID="xxx" Mode="Contains" Text="Bug"/>
Number Filters (version:11.1.2)NumberTarget, Column, Mode, Number
<Filter target="NotesCounter" ColumnID="xxx" Mode="GreaterOrEquals" Number="100"/>
Date Filters (version:11.1.2)DateTarget, Column, Mode, Date
Time Filters (version:11.1.2)TimeTarget, Column, Mode, Time
Value Filters (version:11.1.2)ValueTarget, Column, Mode, Value
<Filter ColumnID="xxx" Mode="NotContains" Value="Bug Tracking"/>
Set Focus on column (version:11.1.2)SelectColumnTarget, Column, ColumnNumber
<SelectColumn ColumnID="xxx" />