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Edit: User MFA

Tag: SelectedEditMFA

The SelectedEditUser function enables the automation of MFA data modification for the users selected in the grid.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute ValueValue Description
KeepAliveTRUE (keeps dialog open) / FALSE - Defaults to FALSE

Opens the Edit dialog. Uses SetParam children actions to assign new values to attributes of the objects selected in the grid - Required (Like when using the Edit Function Manually)

To set a boolean/toggle field: TRUE sets it to ON, anything else sets it to OFF.

Each value is set with a separate SetParam:

  • Changing Requirement State: VALUE can be "Enabled", "Enforced" or "Disabled".
    <SetParam Field="RequirementState" Value="VALUE"/>

  • Forcing user to re-register / remove all methods:
    <SetParam Field="ForceUserToReRegister" Value="TRUE"/>

  • Change methods:
    WARNING: You can only remove existing methods. For each method you want to keep, you must add a SetParam (i.e. they must be already set beforehand).
    VALUE can be "OneWaySMS", "TwoWayVoiceOffice", "TwoWayVoiceMobile", "TwoWayVoiceAlternateMobile", "PhoneAppOTP" or "PhoneAppNotification".
    <SetParam Field="Methods" Value="VALUE"/>

  • Set default method:
    VALUE can be "OneWaySMS", "TwoWayVoiceOffice", "TwoWayVoiceMobile", "TwoWayVoiceAlternateMobile", "PhoneAppOTP" or "PhoneAppNotification".
    <SetParam Field="DefaultMethod" Value="VALUE"/>

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
	<Select lines="ByValue">
		<SetParam ColumnID="userPrincipalName" Value=""/>
		<!-- Insert SetParams here -->
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