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ExplodeDates: Explode Date Values into Separate Columns

Tag: ExplodeDates

The ExplodeDates function expands (or explodes) dates in the grid.

A column must be selected

Tag Attributes

AttributesValue Description
TargetIdentifies the grid by name.
Do not use, or use "grid" for main grid.
No target necessary in sapio365.
ColumnIDColumn UID shows the columns that aren't visible - selects the column like <SelectColumn ColumnID="..."/>

Example Scripts

		<Select Lines="ByValue">
			<SetParam ColumnID="senderName" Value="Alex Wilber"/>
		<SelectColumn ColumnID="toRecipientsAddresses"/>
		<!--SelectColumn ColumnID="receivedDateTime"/-->
		<ExplodeDates columnID="toRecipientsAddresses"/>
			<SetParam Field="FileOutput" Value="ASCII"/>
			<SetParam Field="Mode" Value="Create"/>
			<SetParam Field="ExportType" Value="HTML"/>
			<SetParam Field="ChildrenOnly" Value="False"/>
			<SetParam Field="ExpandAllGroups" Value="False"/>
			<SetParam Field="OpenFileOnceGenerated" Value="True"/>
			<SetParam Field="SelectedRowsOnly" Value="True"/>
			<SetParam Field="ExcelSheetName" Value=""/>
			<SetParam Field="ExcelTemplate" Value=""/>
			<SetParam Field="FilePath" Value="AlexWilberMails-Exploded"/>

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