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ExplodeMultivalues: Explode Multivalues

Tag: ExplodeMultivalues

The ExplodeMultivalues function expands (or explodes) multivalues in the grid.

After explosion, the grid contains new rows that are copies of the original rows, each new row containing one value from the original list.   


Tag Attributes

AttributesValue Description
TargetIdentifies the grid by name
Do not use "grid" for main grid.
No target is necessary in sapio365
ColumnIDThe list of column UIDs separated by a semi-colon that shows the columns if they're not visible Required

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
		<Select Lines="ByValue">
			<SetParam ColumnID="senderName" Value="Alex Wilber"/>
		<!--SelectColumn ColumnID="toRecipientsAddresses"/-->
		<ExplodeMultivalues ColumnID="toRecipientsAddresses"/>
		<ExplodeDates ColumnID="receivedDateTime"/>
			<SetParam Field="FileOutput" Value="ASCII"/>
			<SetParam Field="Mode" Value="Create"/>
			<SetParam Field="ExportType" Value="HTML"/>
			<SetParam Field="ChildrenOnly" Value="False"/>
			<SetParam Field="ExpandAllGroups" Value="False"/>
			<SetParam Field="OpenFileOnceGenerated" Value="True"/>
			<SetParam Field="SelectedRowsOnly" Value="True"/>
			<SetParam Field="ExcelSheetName" Value=""/>
			<SetParam Field="ExcelTemplate" Value=""/>
			<SetParam Field="FilePath" Value="AlexWilberMails-Exploded"/>

With several columns:

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
	<Select Lines="All"/>
	<ExplodeMultivalues ColumnID="assignedLicenses; ASSIGNEDSKUPARTNUMBER"/>
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