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Group Owners: Add Owners

Tag: SelectedGroupOwnerAdd

The SelectedGroupOwnerAdd function automates the action of adding owners to selected groups in the Group Owners grid.

<Select columnID=""'<column ID>"" value=""<value in column>"" />

This works in both Group Members and Group Owners modules.

This doesn't work in On-Premises Group Members module. Use SelectedGroupOwnerSet instead.


Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute Value
KeepAlive   TRUE / FALSE - Defaults to FALSE

TRUE / FALSE - Defaults to FALSE / When set to  TRUE, this parameter loads the full directory as if you'd clicked the dialog button.

Detailed Description   


To add owners:

  • Select the group row(s) in the Group Owners grid
  • Use SelectedGroupOwnerAdd with a selection of target user(s) in the grid in the dialog


To select, you can use any of the default grid selection methods:

  • Select Rows in Grid
  • Select Rows From List
  • Select rows - inversion
  • Select / Filter from file

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
	<Select lines="ByValue">
		<SetParam columnID="displayName" value="Innovation Corner"/>
	<SelectedGroupOwnerAdd loadDirectory="true">
		<Select columnID="PRINCIPALNAME" value=""/>
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