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HTMLNoPost: Bypass HTML dialog UI

Tag: HTMLNoPost

The HTMLNoPost function turns off or on the UI of an HTML dialog.

Only available for command-line jobs and script.

Detailed Description

When an HTML input dialog is instantiated during an automation script run, it is created and displayed as if a human user was running the same function.

With HTMLNoPost, the values set in the dialog from the script are directly handed to the script for direct usage: it saves processing time and avoids potentially blocking a script with a modal dialog that does not properly closes when special Microsoft environments prevent safe HTML display (e.g. servers).


  • when an HTML dialog UI is bypassed, rules of field availability, value constructions and value validations embedded in the dialog are also short-circuited. To use with caution.

  • if registry entry NoPostHTMLAutomation is set to true, it overrides the value set by HTMLNoPost

Tag Attributes


Value Description


True (to bypass HTML UI)

False (to restore regular behaviour with full UI)

Defaults to TRUE


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