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Job Center Presets and PreparePreset

A job preset is an XML script stored in the presets table. It is executed in an Execute action as the first action of the job:

  • From the command line option: -pj (e.g. sapio365.exe -j "MainFrame/051-sharedFilesByType.xml" -pj "MainFrame/051-sharedFilesByType-1.xml"")
  • By double-clicking it in the Job Center Configuration.
  • With -pj or from double-click, the preset is loaded as an Execute action and run before all actions from the job (same as -px with -x).

Detailed Description

Presets can be:

1. Imported

An imported preset is a regular automation script from an XML file. It is validated upon import, just like a regular script. It can be any type of script.

2. Generated by the application

A generated preset is made from the content of the selected job.

The generation process analyzes the actions in the selected job and processes UserInput actions only.

Exception to this rule: SetVarForUsageReport: creating a job preset for ShowUsageReport

It recursively loads jobs in Execute actions and processes their UserInputs. The UserInput may be inside or outside a PreparePreset block.

For each UserInput, the process pops up the corresponding dialog and records the entered values as SetVar actions. See the example below...

When a UserInput should be ignored during a preset, set the attribute IgnoreInPreset to "True".

Example - MsgBox job is:

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365">
		<Variable name="Tutorial" value="Documentation" Label="Tutorial is" Tooltip="This is a tooltip" Type="Text"/>
		<Variable name="Information" value="" Label="Information" Tooltip="THE DOC" Type="Text"/>
	<MsgBox Title="The documentation is available" Message="Tutorial is {%Tutorial%}" MessageExtended="{%Information%}" Type="eXclamation"/>

When executed without a preset, the application pops-up the UserInput dialog:

In order not to interrupt the job execution (for example when a scheduled task is created, we do not want the script to wait for human input), a preset is created to feed the variables set by the UserInput dialog.

The generated Preset for MsgBox job is:

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365" Console="False">
	<SetVar Information=""/>
	<SetVar Tutorial="Documentation"/>
	<UsePreset Value="True"/>

There is one SetVar per Variable set in the original script UserInput actions. A single UsePreset action is added to shut down the UserInput at run time. UsePreset is a toggle. When set to FALSE, UserInput is brought back from the dead and interrupts the execution again.

Preset generation only:

This action is a scope for preset generation: UserInput and Execute actions inside PreparePreset are processed at preset generation time. All other actions are executed as a regular automation. The content of PreparePreset is ignored at job run time. For example, the UserInput in the following script is processed to generate a preset containing the corresponding SetVar. But at regular job runtime (whether from command line, double click from the backstage or click from the Job Center), it is ignored.

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365" console="false">
		<SetVarListsFromGridColumns target="ShowUsers" cities="city" positions="jobTitle"/><!--make lists of cities and job titles from user module-->
			<UserInput Title="Select city and position">
					<Variable name="City" Label="Select city" Tooltip="The unique cities from ShowUsers" Type="List">
						<ListItem ListName="cities" value="cities"/>
					<Variable name="Position" Label="Select position" Tooltip="The unique positions from ShowUsers" Type="List">
						<ListItem ListName="positions" value="positions"/>
		<MsgBox Title="Selection made" Message="City is {%City%}" MessageExtended="Position is {%Position%}" Type="eXclamation"/>
	<userinput Title="Trace email...">
		<Variable name="state1" label="This job searches for messages that meet the following conditions:" Type="label"/>
		<Variable name="vsender" value="{%City%}" Label="City:" />

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