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SetVarForUsageReport: creating a job preset for ShowUsageReport

SetVarForUsageReport displays the Usage Reports settings dialog to prepare the input of ShowUsageReport.

Tag Attributes

The attributes are identical to those for ShowUsageReport, plus the VarPrefix and IgnoreInPreset attributes:


Attribute Value


True / False (Defaults to True)


(Only if creating a new report) Name of the report as it's displayed in the select dialog (or index of the report on two digits).


 If "Name is specified, this will save the report. If "Name" is not specified, this will load the report.


(Only if creating a new report and the selected report is compatible) Period (D7, D30, D90, D180) or cut-off Date (iso 8601 format)


(Only if creating a new User report) Semicolon-separated property names (or property ID)


(Only if creating a new group report) Semicolon-separated property names (or property ID)


text that prefixes the names of the generated variables - required


If set to TRUE, this instance of SetVarForUsageReport shall be ignored during job preset creation .

Defaults to FALSE.

When a SetVarForUsageReport should be ignored during a preset, set the attribute IgnoreInPreset to "True".

Example Script

<SetVarForUsageReport Name="{%PRESET1_Name%}" PeriodOrDate="{%PRESET1_PeriodOrDate%}" AdditionalUserColumns="{%PRESET1_AdditionalUserColumns%}" PresetPrefix="PRESET1_"/>

When encountered during the generation of the preset, SetVarForUsageReport displays the settings dialog of ShowUsageReport and makes variables names with the value of VarPrefix in front of the standard parameter names required for the action:

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365" Console="False" Token="9nNpFxjjaBm~SX2nqmkj6ISLyp_xRP2yFt8GiTCBhHaB4~y3c6_UeovmT~V44PGkSK6ZM9mjnefyR16gwLRu45r9f72eFig2DX0ghV5qtW896SDNw6YCzneb1DMS69erTqsVUvuZsPj_2m">

<SetVar PRESET1_AdditionalUserColumns="forceChangePasswordNextSignInWithMfa;ALLASSIGNEDLICENSESBYSOURCE;ALLASSIGNEDLICENSESPARTNUMBER;assignedLicenses.skuId;licenseAssignmentStates.skuId"/>

<SetVar PRESET1_Name="08"/>

<SetVar PRESET1_PeriodOrDate="D180"/>

<UsePreset Value="True"/>


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