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List: create a list and add entries

Tag: List

The List function adds actions to a list that can be iterated in a LOOP action.

Detailed Description

On top of Name and Action, LIST takes all parameters that the action to execute would take. Eg. with a LOAD action added to a LIST.

Each action in a list can then be executed via ExecuteListAction (see below). This allows for a better script code density and standardization.

The actions in a list do not have to be executed. They can serve as a context for the loop (see list of variables etc.).   

Tag Attributes


Value Description


Any string to ID the name


Regular action name

Example Scripts

Add A LOAD server/DB action to a LIST, set Action to "Load" and add all the LOAD regular parameters:

<List name="MyList" Action="Load" Database="AutoTest\lm_us_8.nsf" Server="ytest-MD/TESTING"/>

The LOOP processing the LIST will execute:

<Load Database="AutoTest\lm_us_8.nsf" Server="ytest-MD/TESTING"/>
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