Tag: LoadConflictCounter

The LoadConflictCounter action, along with a set of SetParam child actions, lets you automate the Load Conflict Counter function in replicationEZ.

Detailed Description

The SetParam field 'ReloadPrevious' emulates the selection of the 'Reload previously retrieved conflict counts'.

Choose Conflict Counter loading method

Value="False" is the equivalent of unchecked.
Value="True" is the equivalent of checked.

This value is mandatory and must be specified for the action to function.

SetParam Options

Field NameCompatible Field ValuesValue Description
ReloadPreviousTrue / False

Example Scripts

	<SetParam Target="SelectConflictCounter" Field="ReloadPrevious" Value="True"/>
	<Load Server="Acme01/ACME" Select="True"/>
	<Select Target="Grid" lines="all"/>
		<SetParam Field="ReloadPrevious" Value="False"/>

In the script above, the Conflict Counter function will be launched on all lines selected in the main grid. Previously retrieved conflict counts will not be reloaded.