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Load Current Space Used

Tag: LoadSpaceUsed

The self-closing tag LoadSpaceUsed emulates selecting the 'Load Current Space Used' (or Ctrl+Shift+L) option in the Edit menu of databaseEZ.

The LoadSpaceUsed action requires a current row selection in order to function.

Example Scripts

	<Load Server="Acme01/ACME">
		<Load Database="mail\jwill.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="mail\jdoe.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="archive\a_log.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="log.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="names.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="admin4.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="cldbdir.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="ddm.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="catalog.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="schema.nsf" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="certsrv" Select="True"/>
		<Load Database="reports" Select="True"/>
	<Select Target="grid" Lines="All"/>

In the script above, the databases specified with the nested Load child actions will be loaded into the main grid. All rows in the main grid will be selected; this will provide a current selection for the LoadSpaceUsed action to be carried out on. The Space Used percentage will be loaded for all selected lines.

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