Tag: LoadMoreInfo

This action emulates the selection of the right-click menu option (Re) Load All Information.
This tag is self-closing. No attributes are used.

This action has an effect only if rows are selected in the Main Grid.

Detailed Description

When the action is completed, the "CTRL+L" gray cells data is filled.

Example Scripts


	<Load Server="Acme01/ACME">
		<Load Database="dbtest\LicenseK.nsf" Select="True"/>
	<Select Target="grid" Lines="All"/>

In the script above, only the database "dbtest\licenseK.nsf" will be loaded into agentEZ's database selection tree; it will be selected and loaded into the main grid. All lines will be selected in the grid, and the action LoadMoreInfo will load the detailed agent information to the entries in the main grid.