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OnError action parameter: dedicated error handling for each action

By default, an error during execution breaks an automation script.

The OnError tag enables general error handling: should an error trigger a pop up message, the execution of another script, continue without breaking the script?

Such a general rule set for the whole script can be overridden for each individual action tag by using the OnError parameter locally.

Simply add OnError attribute to any action tag, with one of these values:


Attribute Values


Skip: ignore error (unreported)

Warning: downgrade error to warning

Example Scripts

<ytriaAutomation Console="false">
Set default error management rule in this script: do not break execxution (but report error in logs and in automation status), display messge box
	<OnError continue="true" MsgBox="ERROR!"/>
bypass this error:
	<Unselect OnError="skip"/>
change error to warning:	
	<Unselect OnError="Warning"/>
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