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Pause Script Execution

Tag: PauseUntil

This self-closing tag will pause the execution of an automation script until the value specified in the attributes is entered into the Notes.ini file.

Detailed Description

When a script execute PauseUntil, it enters a waiting mode until the name and value in PauseUntil are found in the Notes.ini file.

The script execution resumes as soon as the expected value is found in Note.ini.

This feature allows to halt a script when external conditions are required, e.g. synchronization with another process. 

Editing Notes.ini is the responsibility of the user or external process.

Tag Attributes

AttributesAttribute Values
NameThe Notes.ini entry name
ValueThe value to set for the Notes.ini entry

Example Script

<PauseUntil Name="SetForAutomation" Value="Resume"/>
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