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SaveToFile Save data to a text file.
Does not match any existing capability in any product, this is an automation exclusive action.

Tag Attributes


Attribute Values

Value Description



Output file path
If the file already exists, it is replaced.Required



Text to write to the file Required


File encoding, must be omitted or a value among: ASCII, UTF8, UTF16

Defaults to UTF8.

Example Script


	<SetVar SaveTo="testSaveToFile.txt"/>
	<SetVar testCDATA="USE_CDATA">
		Within this Character Data block I can
		use double dashes as much as I want (along with <, &, ', and ")
		*and* %MyParamEntity; will be expanded to the text
		"Has been expanded" ... however, I can't use
		the CEND sequence. If I need to use CEND I must escape one of the
		brackets or the greater-than sign using concatenated CDATA sections.
		Let's do some <a href=>HTML</a> & then "sleep"

	<SaveToFile Text="{%testCDATA%}" FilePath="{%SaveTo%}" Encoding="UTF16"/>

	<ShellExecute FilePath = "{%SaveTo%}"/>

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