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SetParam: Set Parameter Values for Dialog Automation

Tag: SetParam

When a function uses parameters from a dialog box, the automation processes theses parameters through SetParam children actions:

This is a special Tag, used to provide additional parameters to other Tags that handle actions with dialog boxes.

	<SetParam target="DiscoverReplicasOptions" field="FirstDegreeConnectionsOnly" value="false"/>
	<SetParam target="DiscoverReplicasOptions" field="CreateChartAtEndOfProcess" value="true"/>

Tag Attributes

AttributesValue Description
TargetUniquely identifies the dialog.
FieldUniquely identifies a field in the dialog.
ValueSets the values in the field. Value can be either a plain text (e.g./ file name), a code to select a radio button/list choice/dropdown choice, or TRUE/FALSE for a check box.
KeepAliveIf set to TRUE or THIS, the dialog will not automatically close.

As of version 16.5 KeepAlive is only valid on its own (i.e. with none of the other attributes field & value).

Examples Script

When a field needs to be ignored (i.e. not set and keep its default value), its corresponding SetParam can be omitted, or the value may be set to {{Skip}} (case insensitive):

<Export keepAlive="this">
	<SetParam field="FilePath" value="D:\temp-exports\acl-ExportMainGrid-TextSelectedRows.xlsx"/>
	<SetParam field="OpenFileOnceGenerated" value="{{SKIP}}"/>

Is synonym to...

<Export keepAlive="this">
	<SetParam field="FilePath" value="D:\temp-exports\acl-ExportMainGrid-TextSelectedRows.xlsx"/>
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