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SetKeepAlive: change KeepAlive value for a dialog or frame

The SetKeepAlive action lets you change the value of the KeepAlive parameter that is available for all actions that display a dialog box or a module frame (.e.g. ShowUsers in sapio365).

Tag Attributes


Value Description


Any value that is valid for KeepAlive

Example Script

<ytriaAutomation Application="sapio365" console="false">

    by default here keepAlive="true"
		<Select Lines="ByValue">
			<SetParam ColumnID="department" Value="retail"/>
		<SetKeepAlive value="false"/>
		<GroupBy ColumnID="jobTitle"/>

In this example, the Users module starts with KeepAlive=”true” as its default setting.

With <SetKeepAlive value="false"/>, we set the module to close automatically after its content automation is done: the module closes as if it had started with <ShowUsers KeepAlive="false">

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